Friday, June 5, 2020

A moment to recharge and refocus

This past week has been a constant barrage of rage inducing stories: of injustice, of blatant racism, and of ignorant folks that still think the promotion of rights, equality and justice for black people means taking away rights from others. The systemic problems inherent in our status quo can be demoralizing, and combatting the trolls that perpetuate it is exhausting.

It's been hard to think or focus on anything but race relations. But after a week of blackout tiles and screaming at the people and institutions that continue to divide, I find myself needing to step back momentarily from the anger and indignation. So I hope that by bringing this tiny bit of colour back to your feeds, you are reminded that while there is much work to be done to combat bias, bigotry and brutality, there's also still beauty and hope for renewal in the world around us. Don't forget to take a moment to recharge and refocus. And when you've re-energized, we continue the push for social change together.

Read. Listen. Learn. Donate. And most importantly, continue to advocate.

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