Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Fossils and Online Shopping

Last night, as I was crawling into bed, Anita says "I'm just gonna finish this article and then I'll turn out the light."  I was curious what was so interesting that she had to finish reading it before hitting the sack.  Turns out the 'article' she was referring to was an article of clothing.  So there you have it folks.  When your wife talks about "reading an article," that’s really just code for online shopping.  

I wanted to share a couple pictures of some fossilized sea shells with you.  Last month, we hiked up Eagle Peak in the Ya Ha Tinda area, and at the summit (2500m above sea level), we found a lot of fossils like this.  The Canadian Rockies were formed between 55 - 80 million years ago.  So this summit would have been below sea level before, and these fossils are millions of years old.  
Fossil - Eagle Peak-1

Fossil - Eagle Peak-2

Fossil - Eagle Peak-5

Fossil - Eagle Peak-4

Fossil - Eagle Peak-3

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