Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Shoot People (2)

Week two of my portraiture class. Lesson - use of reflectors (in my case, a $10 white foamcore board from Michael's). I would post a side by side diptych of a with and without reflected light portrait, but I'm tired, so forget it. This is what you get.

I really like this portrait. She's got that perfect expression - staring straight into the camera, intense, but relaxed. This one was shot sans reflector. A second shot was taken moments later with a translucent white reflector to camera right, but it was so blinding that it made Vania squint. Note to self - back off a little bit when reflecting the sun.

This is a portrait of Wayne, shot backlit against the sun. There is a reflector being held by Vania (gal in above photo) just over top of my camera to put a bit of light back into Wayne's face. The photo without the reflector has much deeper shadows in his face, which isn't nice and evenly lit like it is here.

Only 44 sleeps till Japan... Good night!

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