Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Shoot People (3)

The Photographer, originally uploaded by iHeartDimSum.

Week 3 of my portraiture class didn't actually revolve around portraiture at all. Part of our assignment was to roam the halls of ACAD and shoot stuff demonstrating some principles of composition. I was at a loss for what to shoot, so waited for Vania to see what she would come up with. When I looked at her, I noticed that her head was at the convergence point of all the diagonals in the frame. So I quickly snapped off a few shots to capture this. Unfortunately, what I had envisioned in my mind, didn't quite translate into the image that I captured.

As it is right now, Vania really is the focal point of the photo, yet she's out of focus. The DoF is set too shallow, and the focal point too close to the camera (the only parts that are sharp are a section of the pipes overhead, and a bit of the lockers down below. This seems very distracting to me with two small areas in focus that are separated by a space that isn't really in focus, leading your eyes to jump around the frame confusedly. If this hadn't been a candid shot, I would've placed her further into the frame, so that your eyes would follow the lines, and end up at her further in the background. Then I think it would've been okay to have her slightly out of focus. Thought process - good, but final result - fail.

Even despite this, I still ended up with a couple shots from our adventure that I liked:

Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds, originally uploaded by iHeartDimSum

Galoshes, originally uploaded by iHeartDimSum

Alright, the Oilers just shot their playoffs hopes like a midget out of a cannon into a brick wall. I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep.


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