Sunday, March 29, 2009

Self Portrait Sunday

Self Portrait Sunday, originally uploaded by iHeartDimSum.

I've ruminated over the idea of doing a 365 project (a photo of yourself everyday for a year), but for 3 reasons have decided against it:

1) Nobody wants to see 365 pics of me (not even me).
2) I couldn't muster the energy to do something different and creative for 365 days in a row - there'd be about 300 photos of me in my PJ's
3) The idea of taking and posting a photo everyday is akin to going to work - you do it because you have to, but your heart won't always be in it that day. I take photos because it's fun and is a creative release - I don't need it to become a chore.

So instead, I'm gonna try out my own variation on this theme called Selfy Sundays. It'll be only 52 photos of me, hopefully sandwiched between photos of much more interesting subject matter.

Oh, and I guess in case you're wondering - this selfy is a reflection off of my iMac's monitor, and the blurry image on the right is my blog (it's the photo from the previous post).


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