Friday, March 16, 2012

Milk Run to Montreal

I have the pleasure of transiting through the James Armstrong Richardson Airport in Winnipeg en route to Montreal next week. Now I claim to know as much about Winnipeg as I do about perming your hair (ie: not much), but I have heard this airport (Canada's newest) is supposed to be very beautiful and insert every other gushing flowery compliment patriotic locals would use to proudly describe something in their city. So you'll have to pardon my snide snickering when I hit up the 'interactive map' on the airport's website, and under shopping, dining, services, and facilities in the 'after security' part, it listed: payphones, elevators, restrooms, and - ooh look! - STAIRS as the highlights. It took me a couple of seconds to realize I was looking at the arrivals level (which the map defaults to). Luckily for me, my near 4 hour layover will be spent in the much more well amenitied departures level, which does also include the aforementioned highlights of stairs and elevators, but also comprises treats such as a chapel, an information phone, those oh so fun 'family restrooms' (people love it when a single person uses those), and a T.G.I.Fridays. WEEEEEEE!!!!


But I really should stop being such a Negative Nelly, and give the airport a fair shake. Maybe I'll write up a proper review after I've had a chance to comb through every last square inch of it thrice over (I did mention the 4 hr layover on the way to Montreal, right?). Not to mention another 3 hrs on the return leg. The only bigger waste of 7 hours I could think of would be waiting in line for an iPad. ha! I made fun of Winnipeggers and tech geek fanboys in the same post. My work is done.

Have a great weekend! Go out and pound back a few green beers tomorrow!

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