Thursday, March 29, 2012

Montreal in Random Photos - Part I

Well it wasn't quite the full on pink slip exercise that we were fearing today, so I can hold off on my backup career plan of becoming a professional sperm donor... for now. Too much info?

Anyways, quick set of random photos from my first day in Montreal last week.

Montreal Randoms

Montreal Randoms-2

Montreal Randoms-3

Montreal Randoms-4

Montreal Randoms-5

Montreal Randoms-6

Montreal Randoms-7

Montreal Randoms-8

In order from top to bottom:
1) View from our hotel room.
2) I liked this teapot at a great little dumpling place called Qing Hua.
3) A little Vespa in the street action.
4) Daytime view from hotel room.
5) Without meaning to, I ended up stumbling into Chinatown when google maps pointed me wrong. The sculpture is of chinese maidens.
6) The front facade of Notre-Dame.
7) I met a local gal who was sketching the front facade of Hotel Deville.
8) The sketch only took her 30 minutes. I was impressed. But I think she may have thought I was hitting on her. Seriously, it's nigh impossible to approach a girl to take a photo without coming off as a creep.

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