Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just another weekend in the life of...

It's been an interesting few days over in the life of the Machs. Our neighbour's 5 year old kid went MIA for a few hours one night - police cruisers called in, everyone in the hood out searching for him. Fortunately, he just reappeared on his own. Unfortunately for him, he's never going to be allowed out of his parent's sight again... EVER. His mom will forever be a third wheel when he finally gets a girlfriend. And then there was the friend's neighbour's house sitter lighting a fire at midnight with gasoline (her face, and the poor dog got the worst of it). Half of my shoe soles melted from stomping out the multiple fires in the yard after we hopped the fence to help out. And while all that was going on, drunken buddy (not from the neighbourhood) was passed out on the front step of the house next door. Tried to convince him to leave, but he was having none of it. "Frruggh orrff", he says. So we called the Po-po on his sorry ass. Moral of that story - swearing at cops at 2am is ALWAYS A BAD PLAN, genius.

In loosely keeping with this theme of life is interesting, here are a quartet of tree shots in completely different contexts, taken within days of each other during our last big trip to Asia.





And with that, I really need to get on finishing up the Cocchio/Alcantara wedding photos.


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