Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photobooth Funzies at Happy Harbor

I had the pleasure of photographing Marc and Ana's wedding at Happy Harbor Comics yesterday evening with Stephanie Chan. This was my first event where I've run a photo booth, and I have to ask, why the hell doesn't EVERY wedding have one of these?! They're so much fun! I will demand that a photo booth be included with any future weddings I shoot. No exceptions.

There are hundreds of other shots I could post, but this IS a family friendly blog, so I won't...

Photobooth Funzies-6

Photobooth Funzies-5

Photobooth Funzies-20

Photobooth Funzies-3

Photobooth Funzies-2

Photobooth Funzies-4This one is particularly awesome because the lady is pregnant, but the dude still insisted he ride her like a horse.

Photobooth Funzies-15

Photobooth Funzies-16

Photobooth Funzies-14

Photobooth Funzies-13

Photobooth Funzies-12It's hard to tell, but Roger's tie is made from the labels of Jones Soda bottles.

Photobooth Funzies-9

Photobooth Funzies-11

Photobooth Funzies-10

Photobooth Funzies-17

Photobooth Funzies-18

Photobooth Funzies-19

Photobooth Funzies-8

Photobooth Funzies-7

Photobooth Funzies

Photobooth Funzies-21

Congrats again to you two, Marc and Ana. You make a cute couple, and may the road ahead of you be littered with a trifecta of cookies, cameras, and craziness!

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  1. Those people really enjoy the photo booth and I also love the way on how they act on the front of camera.