Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Have Camera, Will Travel

As I gear up to teach another 4 night run of Using Your DSLR, I'm ironically debating leaving my DSLR at home for my next trip. We've booked our flights to Chile for November, and I'm weighing the pros and cons of going completely film this time. I'm thinking of taking this kit 1) medium format rig (Pentax 6x7), 2) 35mm rangefinder (Leica M6), 3) toy cam (Holga), and 4) 50 rolls of film. In today's world of ubiquitous DSLRs and high capacity memory cards, I realize people may scoff and label me 'hipster douche', but that's generally the superficial response from digicam toting Fauxtographers.

Shooting film is so much more rewarding than burst firing on a DSLR, and the results are so much more nuanced than a sterile, perfectly sharp digital shot. Some of my favourites from our last trip were shot on film. See below for a smorgasborg of photos from Vietnam and Korea. I don't feel like doing write-ups for each photo cause I have zero inspiration tonight, but if you want to learn more about any of these, just click on them, and you can read the stories I wrote up about them on Flickr.

The Cham

Ho Chi Minh Horizon

The Freight Transporter


The Banana Stand

The Toymaker

The Mangosteen Vendor

The Recycler


Adventures in Fooding - Seoul

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