Friday, June 14, 2013


Someone please take me on a vacation. Like right now. I haven't been on a plane in 6 months, and I'm bored as frick with home. B.O.R.E.D. So bored, that I'm actually going through some photos from our trip to France last October. Speaking of the French, Phoenix' song, Entertainment is featured as the end theme to Now You See Me. Which is a pretty dumb film, by the way. It starts out with an interesting premise, but then it loses steam towards the end, and the last 15 minutes are just downright stupid. If you want a good film about magicians, watch The Prestige instead - Chris Nolan directs, stars Batman and Wolverine (Bale and Jackman), and David Bowie plays Nikola Tesla. Nuff said.

Okay, I got nothing interesting to say tonight. Look at some pictures, then go to bed.

Paris - Wanderlust-7

Paris - Wanderlust-6

Paris - Wanderlust-5

Paris - Wanderlust-4

Paris - Wanderlust-3

Paris - Wanderlust-9

Paris - Wanderlust-10

Paris - Wanderlust-18

Paris - Wanderlust-2

Paris - Wanderlust-8

Paris - Wanderlust-12

Paris - Wanderlust-11

Paris - Wanderlust-14

Paris - Wanderlust-15

Paris - Wanderlust-17

Paris - Wanderlust-16

Paris - Wanderlust

Paris - Wanderlust-13

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