Monday, August 26, 2013

Five for Five...? Scrambles - Mt. St. Piran

Is the question of whether I kept the streak alive (five mountains, five weeks) burning in your mind like a fiery habanero making its way through your colon? No? I didn't think so. But for the two faithful readers of mine unworthy blog that actually care, YES, I did maintain the streak. Anita sat this one out, and I ended up summiting Mt. St. Piran in the Lake Louise area with Gregg instead. St. Piran has a total 900m elevation gain, but is mostly a straight forward hike with very few difficulties up a steepish trail all the way to the summit. Enjoy!

Mt. St. Piran-1

Mt. St. Piran-2
"How much further??!!"

Mt. St. Piran-3

Mt. St. Piran-4
That's Chateau Lake Louise way off in the distance by the Lake.

Mt. St. Piran-5

Mt. St. Piran-6

Mt. St. Piran-7

Mt. St. Piran-8

Mt. St. Piran-9

Mt. St. Piran-10

Mt. St. Piran - Instax

Mt. St. Piran - Instax-2

The Mountie-2

Last three photos taken on Fuji Instax mini film, using a Diana F+ with Instax back.

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