Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Man of the Hour

It's the Father-in-law's birthday. This is a man that cooks for us EVERY SINGLE WEEKNIGHT, and makes enough so we have left overs for lunch the next day. He also picks up our mail, checks on our house daily, and takes care of everything when we go on month long vacations. Short of folding our laundry, this guy does it all. So it only feels right that for at least this ONE day of the year, we take him out for some fine dining. With the incredible variety of upscale, contemporary, and/or ethnic dining options to choose from in Calgary, it would be an understatement to say I was slightly disappointed when he chose the Yangze Buffet (a cheap faux Chinese buffet joint in a ghost town-esque outlet mall)... sigh.

And may I present, the MAN OF THE HOUR himself, Johnny 'I don't smile for pictures EVER' Wong.

Man of the Hour

Taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, on Impossible Project Colour Protection film. Also, check out those rad shades the mother in law is rocking. I was like, did you just buy those? And she tells me she dug them out from her dresser recently, but that they hailed from the 70's. Fashion truly is cyclical. I can't wait until 80's era leotards and leg warmers become cool again!

And just for funzies, here are more examples of the Colour Protection film from the Impossible Project. While this stuff is super fun to shoot, it's also prohibitively expensive, averaging over 4 bucks per shot (the 10 photos in this post cost over 40 bucks to shoot).

Colour Protection Test Shots-2

Colour Protection Test Shots-3-2

Colour Protection Test Shots-7

Colour Protection Test Shots-2-2

Colour Protection Test Shots-3

Colour Protection Test Shots-4

Colour Protection Test Shots

Colour Protection Test Shots-5

Colour Protection Test Shots-6

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