Sunday, September 8, 2013

Portlandia, Part 2

Alright, more photos from Portland. But before we get there, I had a random question: If a feminist is someone who is a vigorous advocate of women's rights, wouldn't that make a sexist a vigorous advocate of sex? If you're dyslexic... or a pervert, you may have read that as 'advocate of vigorous sex' instead.

Portlandia, pt.2-15

Portlandia, pt.2-14
I loved this girl's tattoo, so I asked to photograph it (I didn't feel like trying to capture it creepishly...)

Portlandia, pt.2-3

Portlandia, pt.2-2

Portlandia, pt.2-4
The Steel Bridge (one of 10 bridges that crosses the Willamette River in Portland)

Portlandia, pt.2-5
Georgian (NOT Atlanta, but think Russia) cuisine from a food cart. Cheese breads, dumplings, and eggplant w/ hummus rolls.

Portlandia, pt.2-6
I liked the image she had on the back of her denim vest. But I didn't ask this time, and just creeped the shot.

Portlandia, pt.2-7

Portlandia, pt.2-10
Happy Hour at Dan & Louis' Oyster Bar.

Portlandia, pt.2-11

Portlandia, pt.2-12
Down the hatch!

Portlandia, pt.2-13
Fish Tacos!! Happy Hour - 2 for $4.50

Portlandia, pt.2-9
Parmesan garlic fries.

Portlandia, pt.2-8

Portlandia, pt.2-16
Golden Swiss chard at the Beaverton Farmer's Market.

Portlandia, pt.2-17

Portlandia, pt.2-18

Portlandia, pt.2-19

Portlandia, pt.2-20
As if orange and purple cauliflower wasn't different enough, how about this weird unique variation?

Portlandia, pt.2

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