Monday, September 16, 2013

Seventh Summit of the Season

We scrambled up Mt. Edith yesterday on an unusually warm mid September Sunday. Total elevation gain of 1100m to the summit, and round trip distance heading in through Cory Pass and rounding the mountain back down through Edith Pass is about 13km. The hike in to Cory Pass is steep, but beautiful, and the hike out through Edith Pass features different terrain and forest views for a nice ending to the day. The final ascent to the North peak summit from Cory Pass though, is an entirely different story - it's only a short 200m gain from the pass, but features a lot of loose scree and a ridiculous chimney (helmet advisable) to awkwardly make your way up.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-1
View of iconic Mt. Rundle from the initial trail to Cory Pass.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-2

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-3

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-4

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-5
The ridge from Cory Pass to the North peak.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-6
Looking back at Cory Pass.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-7

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-8

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-9
The awkward climb up the chimney.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-10
Note: having loose rocks fall on you while ascending this feature is a little bit scary.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-11
Some scrambling on the final push to the summit.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-12

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-13

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-14

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-15

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-16

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-17

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-18

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-19
We normally have celebratory beers on the summit, but the chimney ascent made us a bit wary about trying to descend with liquor in our system so we returned to the pass to drink up.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-20
Continuing past Cory Pass (literally circling around the entirety of Mt. Edith).

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-21

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-22
Scraped knees, shins, and elbows, a rockfall on the way up, and an ungraceful fall on my ass on the way down. Not my best day.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-23
A view of Mt. Louis.

Scrambles - Mt. Edith-24

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