Monday, September 30, 2013

Broken Bad - US Politics

As the clownish partisan politicking of our neighbours to the south accelerates them (and collaterally, EVERYONE else) down the toiletbowl of western decline and irrelevance, I find myself not caring about the real life fallout but rather pondering the theoretical 'what if' impact on our tv landscape. Think about it: Walter White gets cancer in 2008. If Obamacare (THE very crux of the Republican/Democratic pissing contest) was in place at that time, the world would never have been introduced to Heisenberg, blue meth, illicit uses for hydrofluoric acid, mercury fulminate, Ricin, and Lily of the Valley poisons. He would've simply gone in for chemo treatments (paid for through affordable health care), and went on with his sad sack story of a domestic life without ever having gotten mixed up with Jessie and the meth trade.

So while it's true that the US political zoo is a 2 ringed circus of stubborn asses and slightly less stubborn asses, we do also have that very circus to thank for five brilliant seasons of Breaking Bad, arguably one of the best shows on TV. EVER.

Okay, the series finale (pvr'd last night) beckons, and I have to say a tearful goodbye to Walt, Jessie, Saul, et al. Back with a photo post another time.


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