Sunday, October 6, 2013

Prelude to Patagonia, Part ... I've lost count

Anita wanted to do one more hike in the Rockies before we embark on our trek to Chile, so we did a short one to end what has been a pretty spectacular hiking and scrambling season for us. She saddled herself down with pyjamas and other random articles from the house in her continuing 'training' for Patagonia. I'm surprised and a bit disappointed she didn't pull a blender out of her pack to make us some smoothies when we reached the end.

Moose Mountain is a 15km roundtrip hike near Bragg Creek, and though its elevation gain to the summit is only in the mid 500m range, the view at the end is pretty nice for the little effort expended. And considering it's October, we can't really complain about the conditions, despite the cold winds at the top.

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-1

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-2
Don't litter. Pack your peels out with you.

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-4

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-5

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-6

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-7
Pose of the day goes to Mike.

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-8

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-9

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-10

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-11

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-12

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-13

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-14
Searching for shelter from the wind at the summit.

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-15

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-16
Proof I was part of this hike.

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-17

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-18

Scrambles - Moose Mountain-19

Oh, hey! This is my 400th entry on this blog! Happy 400th, blog. I will eat some tiramisu cake for you.

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