Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keep Calm and Dickhead On!

I'm particularly proud to say that I have PERSONALLY disappointed a distinguished (more like DICKstinguished) member of our provincial Legislative Assembly today. I excerpt the relevant portion of his email cc'd to me, below:

"I’m a bit disappointed that Mr Mach wasn’t interested enough to follow up on..."

Now the details of who this MLA is, or how he arrived at this statement aren't important, but if I were to draw an analogy, it would go something like this. Man goes to the Fire Department to report a robbery, gets upset when Fire Department explains that the Police are actually the proper place to register the report/ complaint, but they would at least be willing to help connect him with the Police. And then rather than going to the Police as one would expect, the man instead sends a snarky email to the Fire Department for not showing more interest in said robbery.

Good job, dipshitstick. Was basic comprehension not a part of your degree in Dumbassery?! BTW, how IS the Liberal Party of AB faring these days?* Like 5 farts in a strong breeze? Quelle Surprise! With Steinbergs (Arrested Development reference) such as yourself holding the torch, it's a wonder your political party hasn't been flushed like a runny deuce, let alone continue to have any representation in the Legislature at all. I wonder, what do you tell yourselves after each crushing electoral defeat? Keep calm and dickhead on? Cause that's the only way I can rationalize today's ridiculous misplaced condescending email...

Have a nice day, shitcan! Anyways, enough of me being snide and bitter. On to things that make me happy: BEER!!!

We took a free tour through the Widmer Brothers Brewery in Portland, saw their production facility, and drank some free beer samples. It was pretty awesome, considering the cost ($0).

Widmer Brothers Brewing-10

Widmer Brothers Brewing-8
Free beer tastings, and you keep the glass as a souvenir after!

Widmer Brothers Brewing-9

Widmer Brothers Brewing-2
Huge silos housing their barley malt.

Widmer Brothers Brewing-7
Various barley and specialty malts used in their brewing processes.

Widmer Brothers Brewing-3
Samples of their extruded bittering hops.

Widmer Brothers Brewing-4
Quality Control!

Widmer Brothers Brewing-6
Enormous fermentation tanks. Double walled, with glycol cooling sleeves inside to maintain temperatures.

Widmer Brothers Brewing-5
One more photo, for scale.

Widmer Brothers Brewing-11

Widmer Brothers Brewing-2-2

Widmer Brothers Brewing-12

Widmer Brothers Brewing

*And just in case anyone mistakenly gets the impression that I'm a right leaning conservative, sorry, not so much. I'm merely taking a 'low hanging fruit' stab at the Liberals (and their pathetic 5 seat showing in the current AB Legislature) because this particular MLA thought he could get on a dick soapbox and expect to NOT face pushback.

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