Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life Drawing & Valentines Day

Back from Ottawa. Apparently there was a stabbing/ homicide right by my office downtown yesterday, which maybe isn't the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day. But of course, neither is falling down a flight of stairs (hitting EVERY STEP) and spraining your toe, which I managed to do in rather clumsy fashion. Gotta keep life interesting somehow, I guess. Frick.

Anyways, here are the scans from this week's lifedrawing session. I'm not terribly happy with how they turned out, but that's cause I suck at drawing. There were folks that did full on detailed watercolour paintings of the model's faces that just blew me away. One day, I hope to get to a tenth of that skill level.

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill 2014 -3

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill 2014 -4

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill 2014 -2

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill 2014 -1

And while we all SHIT ON how commercial Valentine's Day is, Anita and I have taken to celebrating it in non-commercial ways. Rather than join the 'anti-establishment, I'm not gonna do ANYTHING to express my love' troupe, we've gone the route of accepting V-day as another means to show an extra bit of love and attention to each other (over and above all the things we do normally every day). Sappy, I know. Sorry. But ooh, look! ZELDA!

Valentines Card-1

Valentines Card-2

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