Friday, February 7, 2014

Onion Heads - Go Canada Go!

I was watching a bit of the opening ceremonies for the Sochi Games, and there was a segment in which inflatable floats of the colourful onion shaped domes of St. Basil's Cathedral danced around in retelling the long history of the great motherland. While we have not yet been to Russia, the sight did bring back memories of our time in the Ukraine four years ago, where we saw numerous Orthodox Cathedrals with similar architectural styles that Anita lovingly refers to as 'Onions Heads' (when literally translated from Chinese). I know this association of Ukrainian holy sites with Russia may irk those following the ongoing protests against that Yanukovych conman, but this isn't a political blog, sorry. Politics notwithstanding (gay rights, Putin's undue influence on Ukraine, widespread suppression of civil liberties), here's hoping for a safe and successful Olympic games. Go Canada Go!

Also of interest - my favourite part of the opening ceremonies was when the Jamaican bobsleigh team entered the stadium to a loud cheer from the crowd. Cool Runnings!!



The Great Belltower of Perchesk Lavra

The Great Belltower of Perchesk Lavra (2)
Photos taken with a Diana Mini. I can't remember the film stock (probably some Kodak Portra or other) - converted to B&W, or toned blue, because my scanner sucks at handling colour negatives, and I couldn't get any usable result in colour.

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