Saturday, June 28, 2014

Photo Transfers, Part Deux

These are my second attempts at photo transfers, this time onto 1" blocks of maple and pine. The images transferred much cleaner than my first try onto MDF, partly because I let them set for longer, but quite possibly also that wood is just a more suitable material?

Now if only I had some proper carpentry skills to cut the wood straight, and plane the edges down smooth…

Photo Transfers-7
Street scene from Prague. Transferred to 1" thick block of Maple.

Photo Transfers-8
Inception-esque double exposure of Marseille. Transferred to 1" thick block of Pine.

Photo Transfers-6

Photo Transfers-5

And the original photos:
Taken with a Holga on Kodak E100G slide film.

Rue de la Republique x2
Taken with a Kiev 88CM on Ilford XP2 Super 400 B&W film.

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