Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Happy Canada Day! WOOOO!!! Oh what, that was yesterday? Yeah, you can thank Shaw for the belated greeting. Last night, we came home to a house lacking the internet, so I wasn't able to upload this until now. NOT ONLY THAT - when I discovered the internet was MIA, I decided to entertain myself by watching reruns of Game of Thrones. OH WAIT, I couldn't do that either because the cable was also dead. No problem, we'll just make a quick call to Shaw using our … FAACCK, Shaw home phone wasn't working either!!! #unimpressed

What the frick, Shaw?! I felt like we had re-entered the dark ages. Only, the dark ages would have been more entertaining, because while you couldn't watch Game of Thrones, you were pretty much live action role playing it. (LARPing GoT?) Shaw employees, be glad this isn't the dark ages, or your heads would be on pikes at King's Landing. #HeadsOnPikes

On to the photos. We spent the day out in Banff, taking in afternoon tea at the Banff Springs Hotel, eating dainties and drinking tea with our pinkies extended. #HoightyToighty

The Banff Springs Hotel

Afternoon Tea-3

Afternoon Tea-4

Afternoon Tea-5

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