Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ironic Throwback Thursdays

In tonight's edition of Ironic Throwback Thursdays, we go back to that time I was in a vehicle that got rear ended... while we were in the midst of a 'Collision Avoidance' training. True story. And by 'back to that time', I actually mean yesterday. Now before you make sweeping generalizations about us Asian drivers, 1) I was not driving, and 2) it was most definitely the fault of the young kid that hit us. Poor dude's insurance is going to be through the ruh-oooooof!

In the vein of throwbacks, here are some shots from a meal we ate in HK at a very old school style Dim Sum joint called Lin Heung Kui. From the abundance of cranky servers, push carts full of bamboo steamers, tea pots replenished from fire heated kettles, and a complete lack of wifi (hence the number of regular patrons reading newspapers), you were in for a classic style treat.

The Dim Sum Regular

Dim Sum-2

Dim Sum

Dim Sum-4
This server fries up turnip cakes (Lo Bok Goh) table side.

Dim Sum-3

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