Sunday, June 12, 2016

Scrambles - Tent Ridge

Before we start talking about today's scramble up Tent Ridge, I feel like I have to yell this out: WHAT THE FAAAACK, AMERICA?!! I get it, the Orlando shooter was radicalized and had mass murder on his mind. But WHY IN THE HELL WAS HE ABLE TO LEGALLY PURCHASE AN ASSAULT RIFLE TO COMMIT THESE ACTS IN THE FIRST PLACE?! What reason is there for anyone who is not part of the military or law enforcement to own an ASSAULT RIFLE? And don't even start with the "Well he would have gotten one illegally anyways" argument. That's as stupid as saying "Kids will get access to cigarettes regardless, so why bother to set a legal age for purchase." If the best logic for not restricting access to ASSAULT FUCKING RIFLES that you can come up with is an apathetic "criminals will be criminals", YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Okay, end rant. We scrambled up Tent Ridge today in gale force winds. I don't have the words to describe the beautiful views along the entire 10km long horseshoe shaped ridge walk that loops, so you'll have to trust me on this. For fairly limited effort (and a few sections of fun hands on scrambling), you don't get much more bang for your buck than this.

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-6

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-4
With Spray Lakes in the background, Anita climbs up towards the first major ridge.

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-3

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-2

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-5

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-7

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-8
At the false summit, everyone huddled up to try and escape the unrelenting wind.

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-9
After dropping elevation from the false summit, we were forced to slowly regain a couple hundred meters towards the true summit.

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-10

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-11
The Fist on the left, and Mt. Smuts on the right.

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-13
A long walk along the undulating ridge to one more highpoint, before dropping back into the valley.

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-14
Anita surveys the straight drop off down one face of the ridge.

Scrambles - Tent Ridge-15

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