Friday, December 27, 2019

The Year in Photos

As we put the wraps on 2019, I cobbled together a set of photos that sums up my previous 365. Similar to the year before, I spent almost all of my non-work hours chasing summits in the mountains and adventures in foreign countries. I even managed to top my 2018 total elevation gained in the mountains with a new personal best of 88,563 ft. Who needs leg day, when you have mountains for your gym.

A few highlights of my 2019 include:

-Getting Netflix (this is how unexciting my life is, when this is a highlight)
-Scratching 6 more countries off the list
-Ascending 25 peaks in the Canadian Rockies
-Getting a YYC craft brewery to give me free beer just for hiking
-Mentoring another cohort of the Urban Exposure Project for United Way
-Lugging a Calgary craft beer over 10,000km, to drink it atop a mountain in Tajikistan
-Traversing a glacier in Kyrgyzstan sans guide, with minimal gear or training (dumb!)
-Bribing a police officer in Uzbekistan (for novelty)
-Giving myself diabetes from 48 hours of eating & drinking to excess in Vancouver

If there's two things I could wish for you all in the coming year, they'd be:

1) May you chase those adventures that set your soul on fire.
2) May you focus on the little things that make your world a little bit better, rather than all the larger negatives which you have no influence over anyways.

Wishing you and yours all the best in 2020!!

Mosaic 2019-1

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