Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Very Potential Fit of Rage Coming Later Today

Hypothetically speaking, is it kosher to push your wife off the bed because she's snoring louder than a 20hp vacuum cleaner? (I'm not really engine saavy, but I think that's enough horsepower to yank the nose hairs right out of someone's schnoz from across a room.) Anyways, back to the snoring. So, no? It's not kosher? Cool, just asking. I wasn't quite clear on the protocol, and in a fit of desperation last night, MMAAAAAAY have considered it. But in my defence, it was only a fleeting thought... and I opted instead to drag my carcass over into the spare bedroom and left her to air-pull nose hairs in peace. She's going to kill me when she reads this. Especially since she (to my knowledge) has never attempted to snuff out my snoring... I imagine her rage will look a bit like this later today:

Fit of Rage-3
This was a sculpture seen at the MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires). It was done as part of social commentary on violence and the drug trade in Latin America. There are apparently actual cannabis buds on the sculpture.

I'm not quite sure where to start with all the photos from Chile yet, so here's a just quick assortment from the early part of our trip - all taken with the iPhone.

Random Assortment of Chile-1

Random Assortment of Chile-2

Random Assortment of Chile-5

Random Assortment of Chile-4

Random Assortment of Chile-3

Random Assortment of Chile-9

Random Assortment of Chile-6

Random Assortment of Chile-8

Random Assortment of Chile-7

Random Assortment of Chile-10

Random Assortment of Chile-11

Random Assortment of Chile-12

Random Assortment of Chile-13

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