Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chairman Mao was a Fascist?

Strange sight of the day: a white dude protesting in Chinatown with a giant sign that read "The majority of Chinese people in Calgary are Nazis." Sorry, Crazy White Dude, but you've pegged us on the wrong end of the dictatorship spectrum. We're commies, not fascies. Just FYI. But pointing this out would be a waste of breath, because after a bit of digging, I found out who the guy is - a crazy racist Czech man who also happened to run for mayor in this past election. Seriously, read more about him here. He's the guy a ways down the list of candidates, named Milan Papez. Would suggest you skip the link to his actual website, cause it's just a whole bunch of bat shit crazy rambling.

Anyways, enough about the downfalls of freedom of speech (they should really rename it to 'Freedom of Stupidity'). Here are a couple more photos from my attempt to shoot 2x overlapping rolls of 35mm through the Rolleiflex. Filmstock: Lomography Lady Grey 400, developed in Ilfosol 1+14 at 20 deg. C for 8 minutes.

The Winter Tree

70mm Rolleiflex-5

70mm Rolleiflex-6


  1. Communism, the withering of the state, does not exist.

    It stops at the Socialist Dictatorship, or Fascist, stage.

    Socialism within one state. Stalin was the same. That's why he fought with Hitler. They were rivals. Racist, militaristic, patriotic.

  2. The point of this blog entry was not to discuss the philosophical differences between Communism and Socialism, or in fact, any political system/ ideology. There are far better venues to discuss political definitions than on my obscure and meaningless blog. This entry was more to point out the fact that there was a man (who has been hauled in front of the Human Rights Commission before) harrassing people with false, offensive, and racist bullshit in the heart of Chinatown. And that is something I will ridicule EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.