Thursday, January 2, 2014

Random Acts of Weirdness Thursday

Today was a Random Acts of Weirdness kind of day. While at work, I got an iMessage on my phone that just begged for me to mess with the sender. I'm the blue text bubbles (right side) in the screen grab below.

Wrong Number

A couple folks asked me where I pulled 'Snapple' out of. My original thought was that the sender would've asked, 'WHAT?' And then I could've responded with, 'Exactly.' Regardless, made for some entertainment.

And then after work, I was waiting at the bus stop after picking up my film from the lab, when a drunk native couple approached me asking where "the strip club" was. I had no idea, so I just pointed in a random direction and said 'That way.' When in doubt, LIE. Being a big believer in Karma, this little prank is probably going to come back to bite me in the ass... probably when we're lost in Munich desperately searching for the concert venue where The National will be playing later this year.

And just to add to the randomness, here is a shot from some film that had been sitting half exposed in my Holga for almost a year before I finished the roll off in Chile. It was a surprise to see this when I picked up my film today (I had completely forgotten about this shot of Elaine and Anita from early last year). Just an explanatory note: this is a triple overlapping exposure taken with a 27 dollar hunk of plastic. And to get the overlaps, you just sort of eyeball, and guess. Enjoy!

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