Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The 40 Day Smartphone Cleanse

I'm currently on a 40 day smartphone cleanse. Or I guess you could also call it a diet of dumbphone. It's Lent, and Anita is currently fighting her animalistic urge to consume copious amounts of ice cream for 6 weeks (no joke, she's an ice cream FIEND!!). As a gesture of solidarity, I figured I would partake in this ritual of self-denial as well, just for kicks. Last year, I lented myself of potato chips, and the year before, all things hot sauce (I literally can't get enough of it). This year is by far the most masochistic undertaking yet, as I have set out ground rules prohibiting myself from using any of my smartphone's functions. If I couldn't do it on an old Motorola dumbphone circa 2002 (ie: talk, text, and maybe a calculator function), then it's not allowed.

It's been 20 days now, and I was surprised during the first week by how little I missed mobile internet. However, like any proper substance dependency, it's getting harder to refrain, particularly from: 1) googling random facts (ie: who invented Lent?), 2) creeping on facebook and social media (cause I REALLY want to hear you bitch about the weather...), and 3) trolling through Kijiji camera sales (while waiting for Anita to peruse yet another shoe store).

I can now truly begin to appreciate what trying to break an addiction is like. Everytime I see someone gazing zombie-like at their smartphone screen, I feel a sudden urge to break mine out and indulge in some 3G goodness. Alas, there are only so many text messages one can send before running out of things to say, and no one uses a phone to actually make phone calls anymore. That leaves me with the calculator function. And in a fit of desperation, I maaaaaay have done some random number crunching to get my fix this week. Pathetic.

Anyways, on to more photos from Chile. These were taken in the Atacama Desert.

San Pedro de Atacama-18
Random Llama action.

San Pedro de Atacama-4
My goal of this trip was to ride or eat a Llama.

San Pedro de Atacama-6
Llama on the menu! But the restaurant was closed. Dammit, so close!

San Pedro de Atacama-9

San Pedro de Atacama-11

San Pedro de Atacama-10

San Pedro de Atacama-5
Rare Atacama desert fox

San Pedro de Atacama-13
Llama on a stick. Mission accomplished!

San Pedro de Atacama-7

San Pedro de Atacama-14
Hiking the Valle de la Luna

San Pedro de Atacama-15

San Pedro de Atacama-17
Drinking Pisco Sours, waiting for sunset.

San Pedro de Atacama-16

San Pedro de Atacama-8
Llama meal # 2. Just for good measure.

San Pedro de Atacama-2-2
Cute little Vicunyas!

San Pedro de Atacama-1

San Pedro de Atacama-3

San Pedro de Atacama-12

San Pedro de Atacama-19-2
Sandboarding! Don't fall. The sand gets EVERYWHERE.

San Pedro de Atacama-20-2

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