Sunday, March 9, 2014

"There are a lot of girls in tight pants here."

On a whim, we went to check out a live show at the Republik on Friday night. Funniest overheard quote while standing in line (Anita excitedly says, "To get ID'd!!") - the bouncer's walkie talkie suddenly comes to life, and someone on the other end of the walkie says, "There are a lot of girls in tight pants here." Fittingly, the handful of girls in tight pants in front of us laugh.

And as for the bands, Boreal Sons (Calgary) and Royal Canoe (Winnipeg): we hadn't actually heard of either band before, but that's because we're not hip and cool twenty somethings anymore. I was actually yawning by the time we got in the car to head out to the show. Grandpa G. When openers, Boreal Sons, got on stage, I thought maybe the voice on the walkie talkie may have been referring to the hipster guitarist dude with a girlie haircut, who was wearing skinny jeans a couple sizes too small. Am I showing my age again? Sorry. They were a decent piano rock band, but I thought a stretch of 3 exceedingly slow songs was a bit much, and their request that we tap our neighbours on the shoulder to shush them while they played these yawn inducers was a tad self-indulgent, Calgary natives or not. Seriously, I'm so judgemental.

The headliners, Royal Canoe were a six piece with funky beats, and a few blasts of some bone rattling percussion (2 dudes on drums will do that). I enjoyed a bunch of their songs (despite only hearing them for the first time). The only thing I didn't care for, was the excessive use of autotune/ vocal effects throughout their set.

Boreal Sons
Boreal Sons, Royal Canoe-2

Boreal Sons, Royal Canoe-1

Royal Canoe
Boreal Sons, Royal Canoe-3

Boreal Sons, Royal Canoe-4

You might recognize this song: Royal Canoe performing Exodus of the Year on Q with Jian Ghomeshi.

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