Sunday, March 1, 2015

_Oh, the pointy ears guy? The bald one? From X-Men?_

So before Leonard Nimoy passed away, he was sent to hospital earlier in the week. And this is the conversation I had with Anita about his initial hospitalization.

Me: Leonard Nimoy's in the hospital!
Her: Who?
Me: You know, Spock.
Her: Oh, the pointy ears guy? The bald one? From X-Men?
Me: *double facepalm*

A sketch of mine from a few years back of Spock.

I know it's the wrong actor (Zachary Quinto), but at least it's from the right show

While we're on the topic of sci-fi geekdom, and mixing up various shows, I put together a 3D sheet metal kit of an AT-AT last night. When I told Anita I was making an AT-AT from Star Wars, she was like, "Oh, that short white thing... 3DP2 or something?" hahaha...



The kit before assembly.

I'm usually pretty good with arts and crafts, but this kit was just frustrating as all hell to build, cause the metal bends/ breaks so damn easily (side note: hey look, something more frail than my back!)... The model might look well built in the photos, but is in fact just barely holding together through the magic of duct tape.

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