Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day and Night (2)

Continuing with this theme of Day vs. Night... We just returned from a short trip up to Edmonton. It was stressful. Tensions are through the roof. At a time when Anita and I could not have life any easier (the toughest decision we have facing us is whether we want to spend 10 days in England or Italy for our next vacation), others around us are just drowning in emotional difficulties. I'm at a loss for how I can help out, but fear that inaction on my part will lead to the worst case scenario... although the problems are not mine to face, I still feel stressed for those involved. FAAACK.

While at a Shinto shrine in Tokyo, I happened upon a very thoughtfully written out Ema (a small wooden plaque on which Shinto worshipers write their prayers or wishes). I would write out a million of these if I thought they would help.

Sorry to get all touchy feely emotional on you... I'm just not in a very humourful mood tonight.


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