Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Munchkin Niece Turned 7

This little munchkin turned 7 yesterday. Seeing her laugh and play brings warmth and joy to me like nothing else, particularly as we have no little ones of our own (that's by design, not because I'm barren). I wish she could stay this age forever, free of the burdens of life as one grows up in our sometimes messed up world. I'll let the photos do the speaking. No words can convey the innocence, glow, and vitality of her youth like the photos can.

Polaroids taken with the SX-70 on Impossible Project Colour SX-70 film.
7 Going on 30
I love the 70's vintage colours of this shot. Sometimes this Impossible Project film can be pretty amazing.

Mariana's 7th B-day-19

Mariana's 7th B-day-18
And other times, this film can be rather inconsistent.

And the photos taken with the Fuji X-T1 and Fujinon 35mm f/1.4.

Mariana's 7th B-day-16
The aftermath of the Paint Splatter Party

Mariana's 7th B-day-15

Mariana's 7th B-day-7

Mariana's 7th B-day-8

Mariana's 7th B-day-10
Spinner art painting.

Mariana's 7th B-day-13
The finished spinner art pieces. Very cool.

Mariana's 7th B-day-12

Mariana's 7th B-day-14

Mariana's 7th B-day-1

Mariana's 7th B-day-2

Mariana's 7th B-day-3

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