Monday, July 7, 2014

Sold out of Scorpion Pizza?!!

By most standards, our adventures in Stampeding this year were a fairly successful mix of: free admission, destroying the competition at wac-a-mole, yelling at a Korean man for calling us rude (which I guess sort of proved him right, but whatever), eating delightfully amazing cream cheese glazed red velvet mini donuts on a stick, and wandering around aimlessly for hours, before capping off the day with the Tokyo Police Club show. And yet, I left the grounds slightly disappointed in not having sampled the scorpion pizza (a $10 slice of pizza topped with five scorpions). Not because I chickened out, but because they had somehow SOLD OUT completely of the scorpions for toppings, only 3 days into the 10 day event. Who knew there were that many 'strange food' folks like us in this town. You freaks!

If any of you make it down to the show this week, and they mysteriously have imported more scorpions (it's not like you can just go to Safeway to buy these things), let me know so that I can scratch off another animal from my list of 'food' to eat.

Stampede 2014-2
Cream cheese glazed red velvet mini donuts on a stick.

Stampede 2014-3
Jumbo bison bratwurst, with onions, 'kraut, and spicy dijon mustard.

Stampede 2014-4
Our traded up prize at Wac-a-mole.

Stampede 2014-5
While the scorpion pizza toppings were sold out, there were plenty of meal worms left. Gross!

Stampede 2014-6
Beef jerky in progress, in the Indian Village.

Tokyo Police Club, Live at the Stampede
Tokyo Police Club!

Tokyo Police Club

Stampede 2014-8

Stampede 2014-9

Stampede 2014-10

Stampede 2014-12

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