Sunday, July 13, 2014

"You must be hungry hungry, Hippopotamus"

I curated a selection of random crap gifts for Tytus' Bday - Spock socks with protruding vulcan ears, beer goggles pint glass bands, a bottle of Fallen Timber Hopped Mead, and then made him an mdf transfer of a hippo sketch I did a long time ago, complete with original hippo haiku.

Hippos and Haikus-1

Hippos and Haikus-2
That's not a real website, btw.

And what birthday party is complete, without some polaroid action. These were taken with an SX-70 on Impossible Project Film. The film has a ridiculously slow development time, so for this first shot of TK drunkenly playing the guitar, I chucked it in the microwave to see how heat would speed up the process. The thing shot off sparks within seconds, and the back melted, complete with chemical burn smells. If you're going to try this, would suggest you set it on low power or possibly the defrost cycle. And don't walk away, cause it'll probably end up in flames if you aren't there to stop it.

TK's B-day Party Polaroids-5
I sort of like the effect generated here. Particularly the burnt edges.

TK's B-day Party Polaroids-1
Tytus in his regular attire.

TK's B-day Party Polaroids-2

TK's B-day Party Polaroids-3
They need to make unicorn costumes for adults more common.

TK's B-day Party Polaroids-4
He apparently was playing Sweet Home Alabama, but it sounded more like a grandpa tripping down the stairs with a guitar strapped to his back.

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