Thursday, July 10, 2014


A few photos from this past weekend, spent day tripping to see some hoodoos in Drumheller, and dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrell Museum. I wish the science behind Jurassic Park was actually possible, cause the world definitely needs more Albertosauruses (Albertosauri?). Imagine a rodeo where you replaced the poor bulls and steers with pissed off dinosaurs to ride and/or wrestle. Now THAT would be entertainment.

Drumheller 2014-6

Drumheller 2014-1

Drumheller 2014-2

Drumheller 2014-5

Drumheller 2014-13

Drumheller 2014-11

Drumheller 2014-9

Drumheller 2014-10

Drumheller 2014-7

Drumheller 2014-3

Drumheller 2014-4

Drumheller 2014-12

Drumheller 2014-8
Photos shot with the Holga + Ilford HP5 film, and with both the Fuji X100s and X-T1.

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