Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lingering headache, stiff neck - all around good ski day

Got another good day of snowboarding under our belts at Lake Louise yesterday (minus the near concussing myself part - first time my helmet has served as anything but a fashion accessory). But really, I'm looking forward to the end of seeing my breath in the mornings, single digit weather in the afternoons, and snow/ slush everywhere. So the sunny and 24 degree forecast for when we land in Lisbon on Thursday has my spirits higher than a night of binge drinking in Cornwall...

And when we get back, I think it may be time to hit the mountains again for some much needed scrambling, lest my winter beer belly continue to grow.

James stopping for a breather 1/3rd of the way up Mt. Temple.

Ray crosses the crux of Mt. Lady MacDonald.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Is it spring yet?!

After shovelling what felt like 400 lbs of wet snow off the driveway this morning, I can now say I officially hate this shit weather. Can spring just effing arrive already? Ten days to Portugal...