Sunday, June 16, 2019

Trip Report - Read's Tower

Jas and I set out to bag Read's Tower this past Saturday. We gained the 928m of elevation in under 2 hours, which is a pretty fast pace considering our geriatric bodies. The day started out nice, but the weather turned to rain, snow, and cloud cover as we approached the summit. I like how the photos at the top look like we were shooting an ad for the North Face or some other outdoor gear brand. Jas may yet still have a career as an 'insta-influencer'. Now, if you make it all the way to the end of the photos, I promise you will be rewarded by a shot of an incredibly detailed and life-like snowman that was freshly erected that day.

Scrambles - Read's Tower-14
Social Media Influencer?

Scrambles - Read's Tower-12
The clouds, rain, and light snow rolled in as we hit the summit.

Scrambles - Read's Tower-31
It's me!

Scrambles - Read's Tower-28

Scrambles - Read's Tower-27
Summit of Read's Tower on the right, Mt. Sparrowhawk on the left.

Scrambles - Read's Tower-9

Scrambles - Read's Tower-16

Scrambles - Read's Tower-17

Scrambles - Read's Tower-13

Scrambles - Read's Tower-11

Scrambles - Read's Tower-10
Summit Beers: St. Ambroise Pamplemousse IPA, and some random Mikkeler Sour.

Scrambles - Read's Tower-19

Scrambles - Read's Tower-24

Scrambles - Read's Tower-22

Scrambles - Read's Tower-23

Scrambles - Read's Tower-30
See... I told you there'd be a snowMAN. I had no hand in building this sculpture, but I will admit to giggling immaturely at it.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Blossom Season

It's blossom season in Calgary. Maybe 'season' is a bit of an exaggeration though... blink and you might miss the 3 or 4 day explosion of beautiful pink tones in this city. If you haven't yet gone to check out your neighbourhood foliage, do it soon before it all fades rapidly.

And because I'm a sucker for milestones, I somehow managed to miss an impressive one with my last blog post, which marked my 700th entry on this silly blog. Hard to believe that I've been polluting the web with crap photos and and even crappier sentences for a full 700 posts. #sorrynotsorry

Blossom Season YYC 2019-11

Blossom Season YYC 2019-9

Blossom Season YYC 2019-10

Blossom Season YYC 2019-2

Blossom Season YYC 2019-1

Blossom Season YYC 2019-7

Blossom Season YYC 2019-4

Blossom Season YYC 2019-3

Blossom Season YYC 2019-5

Blossom Season YYC 2019-6

Blossom Season YYC 2019-8

Blossom Season YYC 2019-12

Blossom Season YYC 2019-13

Blossom Season YYC 2019-14

Blossom Season YYC 2019-15