Monday, March 14, 2022

Shingles, Snow, and Summit Brews

On Friday, I got shingles. On Saturday, I slogged up this steep mountain, and washed down my prescription antivirals with a beer while on the summit. The doctor, nurse, and two PhD students with me looked on disapprovingly. But really, the word ‘approvingly’ is feature in there, so let’s not focus on the negatives, alright?

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-55

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-61

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-65

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-3

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-7

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-9

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-15

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-19

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-23

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-26

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-29

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-38

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-34

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-42

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-46

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-53

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-66

Snowshoeing - Ship's Prow - Mar 2022-67

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Sunrises of the year so far

I assume your social media feeds are like mine - an endless tire fire of people bickering, and articles about shitty people doing shitty things... I don't know about you, but I don't find wading through it very fun. If we're friends here, it's because there was some common ground between us, and chances are there's more of that than what we differ on.

So a quick reminder in case you've been circling a well of anger and despair for the past while: it's okay to seek some light and levity through the darkness. We all could use some more of it.

(I don't usually wake up early enough to get out to a nicer vantage point for sunrise, but even so, there have been a few nice ones from the comfort of my upstairs window this year).

Sunrises of Panorama-3

Sunrises of Panorama-4

Sunrises of Panorama-2

Sunrises of Panorama-7

Sunrises of Panorama-1

Sunrises of Panorama-5

Sunday, January 2, 2022

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life...

Someone once joked that I eat mountains for breakfast. So it felt kind of fitting to start off 2022 with a 3:00am wakeup to go catch the first sunrise of the year from atop a summit, before most had even awoken to nurse their hangovers. We would be the only group to actually make it to the summit for sunrise, and Anita and I stubbornly stayed long enough to ensure we saw the full palette of colours from pre-dawn to fully risen colours of the sun in the sky. It was -26 degrees at the parking lot, and with the wind strafing our faces up top at 7:45am, it felt far colder than that. But while our faces and hands were frozen, I felt a sense of warmth knowing we'd started off the year exactly as I'd envisioned - in the company of good friends, with the promise of new light washing over us.

In the words of the wise Nina Simone, "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life... and I'm feeling good"

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-1
We got to summit while the sky was still quite dark, but the colours of the incoming sunrise were the most intense.

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-4
Minutes later, the skies brightened up and headlamps were no longer necessary.

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-3
There are worse views to start off the year.

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-7

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-6
The winds were vicious as we stayed up top. We would only stay long enough to see the full range of colours crest as the sun rose beyond the horizon, before batting a hasty retreat.

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-8

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-9

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-10

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-11

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-12

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-13

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-14

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-15
Bellwoods Brewing Roman Candle IPA

Scrambles - Ha Ling - Jan 2022 - Blog-2