Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chasing Ice

Oh what's that? It's going to feel like minus 43 with the windchill tomorrow night? That's fantastic, EFF YOU very much Mother Nature.

Anita and I went to see Chasing Ice, a beautiful yet sobering documentary detailing in lush photographic visuals the very dramatic effects of climate change on some of the world's major glaciers. Even if you don't believe in the science behind climate change, the lengths to which the lead photographer James Balog is willing to go to capture pictures showing the rapid decline of these glaciers over a period of four years is an inspiring call to action.

While nowhere near as grand, Anita and I had a chance to get up close to Glacier Grey in the massive Southern Patagonian Ice Field, after hiking 77km through the Patagonian Andes. We were even lucky enough to witness a huge chunk of ice calving off the glacier, but I didn't catch any photos of that event.

Chasing Ice-3

Chasing Ice-1

Chasing Ice-2

Chasing Ice-4

Chasing Ice-5

Chasing Ice-6

Chasing Ice-8

Chasing Ice-7

Chasing Ice-9

Chasing Ice-10

Monday, February 24, 2014

Smoked Salmon flavoured Vodka

I bought a bottle of smoked salmon flavoured vodka this weekend. When I went to pay, the cashier was like, 'You're the first person I've ever sold this to.' Translation: You're a weirdo. I may as well have been buying a dozen fart scented croissants, for the bewildered expression she gave me when ringing it through.

Okay, so maybe smoked salmon flavoured vodka does sound a bit weird. But all I can think of is what awesome caesars I'm going to make with this. Seriously, caesar connoisseurs, come visit and we'll have an epic cocktail night.

Smoked Salmon Vodka-2

Smoked Salmon Vodka-1

And while we're on the topic of strange food and drink, here's a shot of Elaine about to consume a duck tongue at dim sum. I managed to convince 3 non-asian folks to try this dish.

Duck Tongue Pour Vous-1
Taken with the Pentax 6x7 on Neopan 400, rated at 800. Pushed one stop in developing, but obviously I did something wrong, cause the entire roll came out horribly underexposed.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Santiago, el Capital

Hey, remember that time when it wasn't minus three million degrees and snowing outside? Yeah, me neither. Like cassette tapes, encyclopedias, and a Canada before Stephen Harper, you may have a vague and fuzzy memory or impression of this long bygone era, but can't quite be sure it ever existed.

And in the absence of weather permitting one to go outdoors and shoot photographs without frostbiting your nutsack and other extremities, I continue to mine the archives: may I present photos shot during our first two days in Santiago.

Cops were out in force EVERYWEHERE, as it was election day.


A staple of the pedestrian ave, shoe shiners. Those of you who watched a recent season of The Amazing Race might remember a challenge involving these guys.

Business is slow.


The missus, trying on hats.




A bit of light leakage on this roll...

Changing of the Guard at La Moneda.


Mote con huesillos, a traditional Chilean summer drink with wheat, sugar/ honey, and dried peaches. Refreshing!


Seriously, the cops were EVERYWHERE.



Juxtaposition of old and new.




Photos above: combination of digital, and film shot with a Nikon FM2n.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Since our return from S. America, I've been dealing with some unusual extreme exhaustion - I can't stay awake past 9pm most nights. I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't catch some weird parasite or something. Calling all my doctor / medical professional friends (or folks that watched House a lot): is this a plausible explanation? Have I got some weird S. American energy sapping tapeworm?

I suppose the more likely explanation is just that my general lack of fitness (more like FATNESS) is the cause of my lethargy, and I just need to exercise more. Le sigh...

On with the photos. These were shot during dinner and drinks at Dada Cafe in Buenos Aires. Dada was a hole in the wall, dive bar kind of joint, but with a fully stocked bar, great service, and hands down, THE BEST STEAK I have ever eaten in my life. Cooked to absolute medium rare perfection, and mmmmmmmelt in your mouth meatasticness. Oh man, I would fly back to Argentina just for this steak.

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-1

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-2

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-3

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-6

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-4

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-5

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-7
These empanadas were not from the same restaurant as above, but rather just a window display we encountered on our walk back to our hotel.

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-8

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-11
The boutique hotel we stayed in. Lots of character.

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-13

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-12

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-14

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-10

Argentina - Food and Accomodation-9

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life Drawing & Valentines Day

Back from Ottawa. Apparently there was a stabbing/ homicide right by my office downtown yesterday, which maybe isn't the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day. But of course, neither is falling down a flight of stairs (hitting EVERY STEP) and spraining your toe, which I managed to do in rather clumsy fashion. Gotta keep life interesting somehow, I guess. Frick.

Anyways, here are the scans from this week's lifedrawing session. I'm not terribly happy with how they turned out, but that's cause I suck at drawing. There were folks that did full on detailed watercolour paintings of the model's faces that just blew me away. One day, I hope to get to a tenth of that skill level.

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill 2014 -3

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill 2014 -4

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill 2014 -2

Life Drawing at Sandy Hill 2014 -1

And while we all SHIT ON how commercial Valentine's Day is, Anita and I have taken to celebrating it in non-commercial ways. Rather than join the 'anti-establishment, I'm not gonna do ANYTHING to express my love' troupe, we've gone the route of accepting V-day as another means to show an extra bit of love and attention to each other (over and above all the things we do normally every day). Sappy, I know. Sorry. But ooh, look! ZELDA!

Valentines Card-1

Valentines Card-2