Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Polaroids for Mariana's B-day

As my niece Mariana gets older, I worry that she'll soon outgrow her interest in hamming it up for my cameras. So taking advantage while she's still game, I shot some rare family photos with her and my folks on her 9th birthday weekend. Although the digital photos below are pretty nice, what I really treasure are the polaroids we shot, on limited edition Third Man Records (Jack White's record company) black frame Impossible Project film. The black and yellow duotone adds a dreamy nostalgic aesthetic, and I love that I still have a chance to show Mariana the magic of instant film photography.

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-11-2
Hipster Kung-fu Masters

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-1
The polaroids!

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-8

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-4

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-1

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-2

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-3

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-5

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend - Polaroids-6

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-9-2
I love that even mom got in on the Vogue action

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-12-2

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-10-2

Maraian's 9th B-day weekend-13
I look like a giant in this photo compared to the rest of my family

Digital photos shot with the Fuji X-T1 and 35 f/1.4, polaroids shot with an SX70. The Third Man Records film is 600 speed, so it's actually too fast for an SX-70, but with the exposure wheel cranked all the way down, the photos taken indoors by window light turned out surprisingly nice.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kangaroo Creek Farm

We took the folks out on a quick road trip out to Kelowna this weekend. You know, that place in the Okanagan with all the kangaroos. Say whaaaaat? Yeah, aside from endless wineries and fruit orchards, there's also an awesome little place called Kangaroo Creek Farm just north of Kelowna. When Anita told me we were going to visit a "kangaroo farm," I mistakenly assumed it would be like a cattle farm, where you could see animals being raised under humane conditions... to be slaughtered for food. Turns out it was more like an animal sanctuary where they had numerous kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, giant cute rodents from South America, and other exotic birds and mammals for you to interact with. Good thing I had enough sense not to ask where the freezer full of 'roo meat for sale was, even though I was tempted to as a joke in bad taste.

I haven't seen my dad enjoy himself this much in ... well pretty much ever.




Patagonian Cavy, the fourth largest rodent in the world

Capybara, the world's largest rodent

Baby Kangaroo

A sugar glider, similar to a flying squirrel, only it's also a marsupial.





Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Samuel L. Machson

I needed a passport photo taken so that I could apply for a tourist visa to visit the motherland this coming September. So we went to Costco tonight to get them done, because you really can't beat 7 dollars for a set. Except... well... I'm not usually mistaken for a black man. But from this photo, I would fit right in with a Black Lives Matter protest. #MachLivesMatter. Take a look at the mugshot they gave me (bottom), and tell me you don't have a curious/ shocked expression on your face like these fine folks do at my sudden transformation into Samuel L. Machson. Allow me to coin a new slogan for the Costco photo department: for all your digital blackface needs.

Tytus et al-1

Tytus et al-4

Tytus et al-3

African-American George.
And this is after I brightened up the the photo after scanning it. I'm even darker in the actual print.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Small Taste of Stampede 2016

We took my folks down to experience the Calgary Stampede this weekend. And as you look on these photos, I know you might be wondering why George's mom decided to wear a tiger print fleece vest. I do too. But let's ignore this fashion faux pas, and focus on the important thing, which is that you can win the single greatest midway prize in the history of ever: a Sriracha plush toy! O.M.G!! All it takes is a few bucks and some mad skills at Whac-a-mole. Also, I feel like you owe it to your stomach to get ye down there for a decadent meal of cream cheese glazed red velvet mini donuts on a stick. Because heart disease and diabetes should at least taste delicious.

Stampede 2016-8

Stampede 2016-7

Stampede 2016-6

Stampede 2016-5
Red Velvet Mini Donuts on a stick!

Stampede 2016-4

Stampede 2016-1

Stampede 2016-3

Stampede 2016-2

Stampede 2016-9