Sunday, January 31, 2016

_magical freezing churning machine thingy_

We spent this afternoon down at Crepes & Cravings, where proprietor Brian Browning brought us into the work area and gave us a closeup look at how fresh handcrafted sorbetto and gelato is made, from scratch. Tasting the rich and creamy goodness as it was scooped fresh out of the "magical freezing churning machine thingy**", might just turn you into a hardcore gelato snob. The next time you have some, you may find yourself questioning its vintage, and where the ingredients were sourced from. heh... maybe like single malt whiskey, the next trend in gelato will be single cow milk. Anymoo...

Crepes and Cravings 2
Sampling the minutes old fresh blackberry sorbetto.

Crepes and Cravings

Crepes and Cravings-3

(**descriptor plagiarized from the organizer of the event)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blue Monday Blues, Part Trois

We went without internet and cable TV at home for the past five days because our service provider is crap. It was sort of like living in a cave, and we resorted to entertaining ourselves by talking to each other, and like, reading words printed in these things called 'books'. It was horrifying. :)

And it's Monday night again... which means I should be studying for my deferred from last week French test tomorrow. But you know, we've finally gotten The Google back, so naturally I'm reading about J.Lo's wardrobe malfunction yesterday and similar important world affairs instead. FACE. PALM.

Zurich by Night
This was an evening scene we shot in the old town centre of Zurich, after enjoying a delicious traditional meal of meat and beer. I particularly liked the trams crisscrossing through the pedestrian traffic, backdropped against the beautiful architecture.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Blue Monday Blues, Part Deux

French update: so yesterday, I was doing some mad cramming in the final hour before my French test. If cramming was a superpower, I’d have been the equivalent of The Flash on steroids. But then it turned out that my French test was moved to next week. So I get to repeat this panicked cramming madness again in 7 days. FAAAAAAACK!!

Book nerds - BEHOLD! While on the subject of learning, I thought I'd share images from the beautiful cafe and libary inside the B2 Boutique hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. We didn't actually stay at this hotel, but did consume one small $15 hot chocolate there, while admiring the floor to ceiling bookshelves.

B2 Boutique Hotel-1

B2 Boutique Hotel-2

B2 Boutique Hotel-4

B2 Boutique Hotel-3

Monday, January 18, 2016

Blue Monday Blues

Apparently, it's Blue Monday today... there are some made up stats to say that this is the most depressing day of the year. I'm inclined to agree, but only because I still have hours of French studying to do tonight. Funny fact: my French instructor's name is Mrs. McPhail. Which is pretty much what I'm going to McDo tomorrow on my test.

This is a shot taken during the short funicular ride up to the Salzburg Castle, in Salzburg, Austria. Where there are no kangaroos. Cause... you know. People are dumbasses.

Salzburg Funicular-1

Au revoir, mes amis. Je dois ├ętudier maintenant.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

_That scrote shrinking cold_

It was pretty damn cold out yesterday. That scrote shrinking cold that makes one hesitate about even stepping outside unnecessarily, let alone going for an extended walk through the snow to photograph trees covered in hoarfrost. But risk my boys I did, and out I went for an hour to shoot some of the most beautiful hoarfrost I've seen this year.

And for anyone who thinks they need fancy cameras and special gear to do good macro work, most of you have a more than adequate one for it right in your pockets. All the closeup shots below were taken with just the iPhone camera, which can focus down to just centimetres away from your subject. And the closer you are to something, the shallower your depth of field will be, giving you beautiful blurry backgrounds, while still maintaining adequate sharpness to show off the texture of the frost. The wider shots were taken with my Fuji cameras.













So there you are, get outside and make some art.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sketching my way into 2016

Happy new year to you, mine loyal viewers of this crap blog (all 3 of you). If you've set some new year's resolutions, here's hoping you haven't already broken some or all of them. This year, there are things-o-plenty I would like to get accomplished, and one of those is to draw more. What about you? Any big plans you intend to put into action? Make it / them happen!

Here's a sharpie doodle of Dean I did while labelling my cup at our new year's eve shindig.
Dean - Red Solo Cup-1

And for those that don't know what he looks like, I've posted a pic of him below.
ErggWedding - Photobooth-57