Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trip Report - Ha Ling Peak

We wanted a quick and easy day of scrambling yesterday, so decided on a tourist hike up Ha Ling Peak, previously known as the politically incorrect Chinaman's Peak. I guess you could say I was putting the Chinaman back into Chinaman's Peak. :)

Anita was really NOT feeling it (it was like trying to wake a slumbering bear this morning), and she was yawning throughout the hike, but despite this, we summited in a personal best time together. So our early season training is working.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-9
Anita, with the impressive looking massif of Mt. Lawrence Grassi in the background.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-1
Emerging from the treeline, the views open up.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-3

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-2
Tired and grumpy. The Missus is clearly not impressed today.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-4
The final ascent up to the summit is steep and rocky.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-5

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-6
View from the top.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-7
How you know it's a tourist hike: it's like a full parking lot at the summit.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-8

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-10
Summit brew: Something Brewing's Hop Bomb IPA.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-11
The East End of Rundle behind Anita.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-12
I wuz hear too.

Scrambles - Ha Ling, May 2017-13
Seen on our drive home...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Trip Report - South Summit of Mt. Baldy

The Rockies are my gym. Free admission, no lineups, and the best views. Sure, there's no overpriced kale smoothie bar on your way out, but pack a lunch and a beer for the summit, and you've got yourself a pretty glorious day of training. #canadianrockies #legday

Anita and I scrambled up the south summit of Mt. Baldy yesterday, to enjoy a pretty stunning view of snowcapped peaks to the west. For those of you interested, this is a straight forward hike gradually rising to Baldy Pass, before turning into a rugged scramble and ridgewalk up the south ridge of Mt. Baldy. Definitely more fun than a day in the gym.

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy
Summit Brew: PEI Brewing Company

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy

Scrambles - Mt. Baldy
Summit Pano: click to view large

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Four cameras but no bear spray

On our scramble up Wasootch Peak, I brought along a Kodak Instamatic 500 film camera that was given to me recently. Between Anita and I, we had two camera-phones, a digital camera, and this film camera, but no bear spray because I couldn't find it in our basement. So while we could shoot a bear with four different cameras, we'd be hooped if it decided to charge us. #hikingfails

For the camera nerds, the Instamatic 500 is a 50+ year old beauty (see photos at the end). It is shiny chrome on black, has full manual controls, and a Schneider-Kreuznach 38mm f/2.8 lens. Designed originally to take 126 film (obsolete), I reloaded a spent cartridge with 35mm film instead and shot some photos of Anita scrambling up the peak. The camera doesn't play nice with the film perforations of 35mm, yielding numerous slightly overlapping exposures. But despite the unpredictable overlaps, the results are still pretty awesome. All shots taken on expired Kodak T-Max 400.

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-3

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-1

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-2

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-5
Slightly overlapping exposures.

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-7

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-10

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-9

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-14

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-15

Instamatic - Wasootch Peak-12

Instamatic 500-3

Instamatic 500-1

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Trip Report - Wasootch Peak

Anita woke up looking a bit lethargic, so it seems fitting that she wore a t-shirt with a Low Battery icon pattern on it while we scrambled up Wasootch Peak yesterday. And while the photos make the day look beautifully sunny, it was actually incredibly windy and chilly at the top. The views over Kananaskis were pretty spectacular though, and the south west facing ascent means that the snow was largely melted, so this is a good shoulder season starter for those of you itching to head out for a scramble.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mom's out there!! Hope you were pampered by your loved ones.

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-5

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-1
View of Mt. Kidd, from the early part of our ascent trail.

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-2

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-3

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-4

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-6

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-7

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-8

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-9

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-10

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-11
Summit Brew: Tool Shed Brewing's Star Cheek IPA.

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-12

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-14

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-15

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-16

Scrambles - Wasootch Peak-17