Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trip Report - Packenham Junior

Last weekend, we took a short hike up a largely unheralded minor peak known as Packenham Junior. Total elevation gain was only 630m, and it was supposed to be a fairly straight forward hike, with little technical scrambling required. But between the ridiculously steep 2nd half of the way up (see the photos), and the several spots where we sort of lost the faint trail and ended up scrambling up some sketchy loose rock walls, I would say this one isn't quite as 'easy' as Nugara's book rates it. Also, ticks. EVERYWHERE. It's apparently that time of the year, so check yo'self.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-7
Anita does a bit of scrambling as we near the summit. Yes, the route was actually that steep for the last half of the way up.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-2

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-9

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-1
We got a little off trail, and ended up scrambling up a steep loose wall.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-4
She generally only sticks her tongue out like this when it gets relentlessly steep.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-3

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-5

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-6

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-8

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-10

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-11

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-12
At the summit, Anita looks at neighbouring Grizzly Peak, which happens to be the first mountain I ever scrambled up.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-13
Summit beer: Oast House Brewers Barn Raiser Country Ale.

Scrambles - Packenham Junior-14
On the descent, we encountered a few of these cliff bands we had to navigate around.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

YYC Bike Rave

Look ma! I joined a biker gang last night! Except, by 'biker gang', I really mean a ragtag group of cyclists out for YYC Bike Rave in Crescent Heights. We be terrorizing residential neighbourhoods with our flashing LEDs and glow sticks, and bluetooth speakers pumping out random jams at slightly nuisance volume. #totalboss

I hadn't ridden my bike in 8 years, so discovered a few quirks last night. The front tire had a slow leak that barely held up for the duration of the ride, the derailleur was messed up so I couldn't access my top gears, and my seat hurts my bum. #notsoboss

Bike Rave YYC-11
My ride, a classic Cannondale, posing in Crescent Heights overlooking the skyline.

Bike Rave YYC-6
Kristina holds up my bike for a shot. I need to get a kickstand.

Bike Rave YYC-10

Bike Rave YYC-8

Bike Rave YYC-7

Bike Rave YYC-9
Kristina's bike decked out with 6 dollars worth of glow sticks.

Bike Rave YYC-5

Bike Rave YYC-4

Bike Rave YYC-3
There were a lot of confused looks by drivers on the road as our group rode by.

Bike Rave YYC-1

Bike Rave YYC-2

Monday, May 21, 2018

Trip Report: The Rimwall

Jas and I took a short scramble up the Rimwall this weekend. For a couple of old farts, we gained 975m of elevation in a decent time of 3 hours, with only a few minor injuries and a bit of loud swearing along the way to the summit. Okay, maybe there was more swearing than I'd care to admit, but whatever, we were alone most of the way up, so it's not like we were destroying someone's serene day in the mountains. There was a bit of mud and melting snow that made for some slick conditions near the top, but overall, it was a pretty good day for a workout.

Mind you, after 1 day in the mountains, I drank 7 beers and ate a like a porker the rest of the weekend, so... gains wasted.

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-14
From the summit of Rimwall.

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-5
Just a slightly airy drop off over Rimwall's Northeast Face.

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-9

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-13

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-1

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-2

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-3

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-4
Windtower and Lougheed in the background.

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-6

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-7

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-8

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-10

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-11

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-12
The prominent shapes of the Little Sister and Middle Sister behind Jas.

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-17

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-15
Summit Beer: Hells Basement Mango Milkshake IPA.

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-16

Scrambles - Rimwall - May 2018-18
Only a couple minor battle scars from the day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

_sneeze your way to having a six pack_

Have you noticed how you've recently been sneezing non stop, uncharacteristically? Yeah, that's because blossom season (aka allergy season) snuck up on you like a ninja, and Mother Nature is making you her bitch. But hey, on the bright side, you might just sneeze your way to having a six pack... so there's that. #theallergyabworkout

These photos were taken tonight, minutes before the storm clouds rolled in to hide the sun. Does anyone know if these are actual cherry blossoms, or are they just some other pretty pink flowers?

Cherry Blossoms - YYC-3

Cherry Blossoms - YYC-2

Cherry Blossoms - YYC-1

Cherry Blossoms - YYC-4

Saturday, May 12, 2018

YYC >> YOW >> YYZ >> YXE: A Week of Gluttony and Alcoholism

Gluttonate George here, reporting back on the past 12 days of travel damage to my stomach and liver. I went from Calgary to Ottawa to Toronto to Saskatoon, for a mix of work and pleasure, and came back with unfettered diabetes and liver cirrhosis. At last count, I had tried 22+ craft brews, and ate more fatty foods than my cholesterol levels would deem safe. Pork Belly, Lamb Belly, Beef Belly... all of that got in my belly! There was also some figure drawing (noods!) to be had in YOW, a brewery tour in Hamilton, a pseudo celebrity chef sighting in S'toon, and lastly, one of the weirdest beers I've encountered yet (brewed with lentils). So what follows is just going to be a big dump of random photos... hehe, I said 'big dump'. #maturity #fatguystuckinaskinnybody

Gluttony On the Road Again-16
Pork belly burger from Beertown Public House in Burlington.

Gluttony On the Road Again-15
Flight of brews from Beertown.

Gluttony On the Road Again-3
Vietnamese Ice Coffee and Hong Kong Milk Tea ice cream flavours from Mooshu Ice Cream and Kitchen in Ottawa.

Gluttony On the Road Again-4

Gluttony On the Road Again-2
I liked the look of this building's front facade. Ottawa.

Gluttony On the Road Again-1
Grilled cheese sandwich for dinner? Hell yes. Flora Hall, Ottawa.

Gluttony On the Road Again-5

Gluttony On the Road Again-6

Gluttony On the Road Again-8

Gluttony On the Road Again-9

Gluttony On the Road Again-7
You had me at gin.

Gluttony On the Road Again-10
Pint of Velocipede IPA at Chez Lucien, Ottawa.

Gluttony On the Road Again-12

Gluttony On the Road Again-13

Gluttony On the Road Again-25
Flight of beers from Merit Brewing, Hamilton.

Gluttony On the Road Again-24

Gluttony On the Road Again-26

Gluttony On the Road Again-17
Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton. One of my favourite breweries that popped up a few years ago.

Gluttony On the Road Again-18
Looks like orange juice, but was actually an IPA. Fresh tapped that morning.

Gluttony On the Road Again-20
These are the cans waiting to be filled for above said IPA.

Gluttony On the Road Again-23
Collective Arts has some of the nicest artwork on their labels, and they change every six months.

Gluttony On the Road Again-21

Gluttony On the Road Again-22

Gluttony On the Road Again-19
Pelletized hops... ALL OF THE FLAVOUR!

Gluttony On the Road Again-27
Mixing things up with some wine at a dinner party.

Gluttony On the Road Again-28
Hangover cure at brunch, Harper's Landing, Oakville.

Gluttony On the Road Again-29

Gluttony On the Road Again-33
I haven't seen 'Beef Belly' on a menu very often. Ayden restaurant, Saskatoon.

Gluttony On the Road Again-32
Fried lamb belly. GET IN MY BELLY.

Gluttony On the Road Again-31

Gluttony On the Road Again-35
Side stripe prawns at Little Grouse on the Prairie, Saskatoon.

Gluttony On the Road Again-36
Duo of lamb (rack and shoulder). Little Grouse.

Gluttony On the Road Again-34
Black Bridge Milk Stout.

Gluttony On the Road Again-37
And the prize for strangest brew goes to...

Figure Drawing - Sandy Hill-2
Figure drawing at Sandy Hill Community Centre, Ottawa.

Figure Drawing - Sandy Hill-3

Figure Drawing - Sandy Hill-1
These charcoal on canvas sketches were done by a super talented dude at figure drawing. I wanted to hide mine as soon as I saw his.

Gluttony On the Road Again-14
Had this beer after an evening of figure drawing. Fitting.