Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can't Dispute The Wife's Logic

We finish supper, and talk a bit about what needs to be done for tomorrow. A small snippet of that conversation excerpted below.

      Anita: You can give me $2200.
      George: Did you mean to say, 'CAN you give me $2200'.
      Anita: No, first rule of Verbal Judo - don't ask, TELL.
      George: ...

And in unrelated news, I bought the Sony RX100 yesterday... I'd been hunting for something small that I could lug around everywhere, and after endless debate over going mirrorless or not, I settled on this overpriced advanced compact instead. Initial thoughts? Worth every penny. I'll post some test shots for you to see soon. Jpegs straight out of the camera, shot at ISO 1600 in low light, are clean clean clean. I haven't tested it shooting RAW yet (need to update Camera Raw first), but will give a full review later.

RX100 Test Shot

Pixel peeping a shot from last night's Going Away Hurrah for Vania. I'm gonna miss these adventures with you, Poonie!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

French Street Art and Images

So it should be fairly obvious now that I'm probably never going to get around to posting actual photos from France (ie: ones taken with a real camera), so I figured I could at least dump a bunch shot with the iPhone and processed with Instagram (cheating, I know). These are just a bunch of interesting street art, photos, and images seen throughout Lyon, Marseille, and Paris.

French Art Scene_-3

French Art Scene_-10

French Art Scene_-11

French Art Scene_-12

French Art Scene_-13

French Art Scene_-9

French Art Scene_-6

French Art Scene_-14

French Art Scene_

French Art Scene_-2

French Art Scene_-4

French Art Scene_-5

French Art Scene_-7

French Art Scene_-8

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flight of the Conchords: Papercraft Style!

Friday morning fun: making Flight of the Conchords paper crafts! Time: about 40 minutes. Skills required: scissoring and glue-sticking. Optional: rocking out to FOTC albums while assembling.

FOTC Papercraft

FOTC Papercraft-4

FOTC Papercraft-3

FOTC Papercraft-2

Colour templates here. What are you waiting for?! Go make your own little Jemaine and Bret paper crafts now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun With Bridges & Motion Sickness

While on an hour long cruise down the confluence of the Saone and Rhone Rivers in Lyon, we passed under a thousand and four bridges or so. I had the goofy idea that I would photograph these as a series of stills and stop motion animate them into a dizzying animated gif. Enjoy... or if you're anything like me, enjoy puking from the motion sickness this gives you.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paris Anonymous

Street photography is a genre that I don't often shoot, nor am I any good at it. But while we were in Paris, passersby backdropped against the many interesting streetscapes just called out to me to be photographed. On this trip, I brought the D300 and Kiev 88, neither of which are subtle cameras. So to capture these candid 'street' photos, I just shot with the iPhone. Like a NINJA. Ninja's use iPhones, yes?

The black and whites were captured inside the Charles De Gaulle airport terminal, while the colour shots were taken throughout Paris and Lyon.

Paris Anonymous-7

Paris Anonymous-14

Paris Anonymous-9

Paris Anonymous-10

Paris Anonymous-11

Paris Anonymous-8

Paris Anonymous-13

Paris Anonymous-3

Paris Anonymous-6

Paris Anonymous-5

Paris Anonymous-4

Paris Anonymous-2

Paris Anonymous

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Calgary Film Photography meetup and photowalk

We've returned from our short trip to France (photos to come soon, I just haven't had time). I'd write more but I have to work today (blegh...)

Anyways, I just got my film back from the lab from a Calgary Film meet up and photowalk I went on a few weeks ago. Thought I'd post some of the results. All shot on a Kiev 88CM on Kodak Ektar 100. A couple recurring themes with the Kiev and Ektar - 1) The Arsat lens on the Kiev is brutal at handling flare and I should really make a mental note to always use the rubber lens hood; 2) Ektar produces oddly reddish skin tones (I've seen this on a few rolls now, has anyone else noticed this?)

Calgary Film Photowalk - Scott

Calgary Film Photowalk - Leya

Calgary Film Photowalk - Holly

Calgary Film Photowalk-8

Calgary Film Photowalk-5

Calgary Film Photowalk-3

Calgary Film Photowalk-2

Calgary Film Photowalk-6

Calgary Film Photowalk-7

Calgary Film Photowalk-9

Calgary Film Photowalk-4