Sunday, June 21, 2015

Family, food, and photos - a perfect weekend

Family, food, and photos - a perfect weekend. My niece and bro were in town to visit our cousin's newborn baby, so we ate and drank and ate some more, built a windup zombie robot out of clay, and watched Mariana get up to all kinds of mischief. Also, check out the animated gif I made of the Zombie Robot toy.

Father's Day Weekend-9
Mariana has a staredown with a clay windup motion robot we built.

Animated gif of our Zombie Robot in action.

Father's Day Weekend-1

Father's Day Weekend-4

Father's Day Weekend-2

Father's Day Weekend-3

Father's Day Weekend-6

And introducing my cousin's 2 week old baby girl, Madeline! She's soooo tiny and adorable!
Father's Day Weekend-5

Father's Day Weekend-7

Father's Day Weekend-8

Father's Day Weekend-10

And because there's nothing more magical than polaroids, here's one shot with the SX-70 on Impossible Project Colour Film.
Father's Day Weekend-11

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fun With Photobooths!

The last time I shot a wedding, I made a vow that I would only do it again if there was a photobooth involved. So when Rob and Andrea asked me to shoot theirs, I made it happen. I'll just let the photos do the talking.

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-53

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-147

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-117

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-122

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-24

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-120

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-133

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-142

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-9

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-98

And because this was the only time during the entire day that we had any down time, Dean and I got in on the fun as well.

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-2

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-3

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-1

Rob and Andrea - Photobooth-4

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Scrambles - Yamnuska

We took a short but fun scramble up Yamnuska today. 900m of elevation gain, spread over an interesting mix of forest, a rocky chute, a lengthy trudge up steep rock face, navigating a rock wall with anchored chains, and then a run down the frontside scree slopes.

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-4

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-1

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-2

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-3

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-5

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-6

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-7

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-8

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-9
My daytime boss!

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-10
My real boss... a much more frightening woman.

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-11

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-12

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-13

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-14

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-15

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-16

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-17

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-18
Beer at the summit... warm beer has never tasted this good.

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-19

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-20

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-21

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-22

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-23

Scrambles - Yamnuska 2015-24
And the best part of this hike: running down the front side scree slopes.