Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Republic of 'Turgistan'

So a few weeks back, Netflix released a Michael Bay film starring Ryan Reynolds called 6 Underground. It was complete garbage, but we were watching it with Jas, who had spent time with us in Tajikistan. The funniest part for us was when the movie plot landed on an attempt to overthrow the dictator of Turgistan. Jas and I looked at each other immediately, and we simultaneously said "Thaaaaat's not a real Stan."

So here, enjoy some photos from an actual Stan instead. Anita and I spent a short time wandering around Skazka Canyon (aka Fairytale Canyon) in Kyrgyzstan while en route to a yurt camp. The landscape was this interesting mix of badlands you'd see in Alberta, and red rock features like those down in a few Western US states. Definitely worth a stopover if you ever find yourself in Central Asia, overthrowing governments or whatever. :)

Skazka Canyon-10

Skazka Canyon-13

Skazka Canyon-11

Skazka Canyon-14

Skazka Canyon-6

Skazka Canyon-5

Skazka Canyon-7

Skazka Canyon-4

Skazka Canyon-1-2

Skazka Canyon-2-2

Skazka Canyon-3

Skazka Canyon-9

Skazka Canyon-8

Skazka Canyon-12