Monday, February 9, 2009

The Author

I've decided I'm going to write a book. SAY WHAT, you ask?!

I know, this sounds strange coming from an ESL like myself. My command of the English language is hardly at a professional writing level, but for once I feel like I have something to write about, and could actually pen something that would be mildly entertaining. After finishing reading the Lost on Planet China book, I reflected on all the travel adventures Anita and I have been through, and thought, I've got tons of stories to tell (some humorous, some gross, and some downright unbelievable). So while I'm not going to troll through my previous travel experience for this project, I am going to use my next sets of travel as the basis. Assuming everything falls into place, our plan is to take a 3 month leave of absence next year to travel the world... this post is a commitment I'm making to myself that I will write a book when we're done.

-G (is feeling very ambitious)


  1. 200 words a day gets you damned closed to a novel in a year. Just take a page outta your parents parenting book and have anita lock you in your room for an hour until you're done your homework.

  2. locking in a room, eh? hum. i'm definitely got some reading to do - note to self. pick up a copy of Vegreville parenting guide.

  3. Megs: "...i'm definitely got some reading to do..." I think you may have some learnering to do first.

    And if you do intend to lock your kid in a room for 2 hours with a computer to do some writing, don't be surprised when you walk in to find him 'working hard' on something completely different.

  4. GDI! note to self: spellcheck!!

  5. Maggie: Spellcheck would've attempted to change 'learnering' into 'learning', which would've defeated the purpose of the post emphasizing your need to go back to grammar school. But I guess they don't teach sarcasticism in Pyongyang, so I can understand your misunderstandendment.


  6. er, wait a minute. Was your 'spellcheck' post intended for me? If not, ignore my rather ridiculous comment on your lack of understanding due to your Korean-ness. I totally love Koreans and your democratic ways.