Saturday, January 9, 2010

Awkward Moments

Does anyone else find it awkward when you're watching something on TV and your parents or your in-laws come in right when a sex scene is happening? I know we're all adults, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable when this happens. Anita and I are big fans of True Blood and Rescue Me, both shows filled with raunchy, sexy material. And watching the seasons on DVD means you can spend a few hours in one night watching episodes full of vampires or firefighters fornicating. Which probably makes us look like a bunch of perverts to the in-laws.

This notion is probably not helped by the fact that we brought back multiple packages of these from Vegas as gag souvenirs for our friends...


  1. oh good...i'm not the only one in this. My parents brought over the Heartbreak Kid and we're all watching it and the girl asks the guy if he'd prefer she shave...down then.

    oh look...i suddenly feel like getting water from the kitchen..HAHA

  2. haha... I tend to make lots of clearing my throat sounds and checking the time. :)