Sunday, February 21, 2010

Road Trip: Wind Farm Alley

We woke up before 9:00am yesterday (On a Saturday?! GASP! SHOCK!), and took an impromptu road trip down to a wind farm just north of Glenwood in southern Alberta to snap some photos. The drive is approx. 2 hours, so by the time we were halfway there, and the weather was still a crappy foggy/ misty overcast day of absolutely zero contrast, it was already too late to turn back. When we got down there, you couldn't see row upon row of wind turbines as I had hoped (due to the fog), and the light was that flat garbage lighting that kills any drama in a landscape shot... I shot a few obligatory snaps, and we headed to Lethbridge for lunch and killed few hours there. As we began our return home, however, the mist began to burn off, and in the final hour of the sun's descent, the light actually became dramatic enough to warrant a detour for a second attempt at shooting the wind farm. The first 3 photos here were shot around noon in that garbage light (look at that perfectly detail-less sky). The latter were shot about 5 hours later, with the sunset breaking through the clouds at the horizon.

This last one is just a variation of the one above, after some heavy massaging in Lightroom.

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